Tuesday, August 23, 2016

33/52: First Day of School

I just can't. I can NOT. The series of pictures at the bottom of this post is KILLING ME. 

Last year I didn't bother with a "first day of school" post beyond this one (in which I recounted how horrible our first day was!), but this year I decided to do "school pictures" out by one of the maple trees in the yard, and the kids were ALL excited, even Peter!

Name: Peter Damian
Age: 21 months
Grade: Toddler
Most excited to: Color with crayons and NOT eat them
Future occupation: "Dive Dada car! Dive TUCK!" So... Truck driver? Chauffeur?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Sunday Best, Vol. 17: John Paul Fashion Show

Happy Sunday! The weather has cooled down a teeeeny bit here, and we're sort of beginning to think about fall but not really... Summer lasts until October in Virginia, so I cringe every time I start seeing "pumpkin spice" on social media!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

32/52: THEIR Sunday Best

Every week I take a picture of myself for the linkup I host, My Sunday Best. And every week their Sunday Best totally beats mine!

Peter really, really, really loves wearing his hand-me-down seersucker blazer. And since it's almost fall, we probably need to get all the use out of it that we can before it becomes seasonally inappropriate! Although it's size 2T so it should fit in the spring as well.

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